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Redevelopment Works

Aug 24, 2020

COVID-19 has disrupted all industries including redevelopment practice in Florida. During this episode, we explore how Coronavirus has impacted Florida’s redevelopment efforts and its professionals. FRA’s executive director, Amber Hughes and guest speaker, Kelley Klepper discuss the challenges we have faced as well as opportunities to help adequately prepare for the future of redevelopment.

About the Speaker: Kelley Klepper, AICP, is a Vice President with Kimley-Horn, where he has worked for the last 15 years providing land use planning, development, and redevelopment services to both private sector and public sector clients. His 28 years of experience includes serving as the Planning Director/Director of Development Services for the City of Georgetown, Kentucky prior to joining Kimley-Horn. Kelley has a Master’s Degree in Geography/Urban & Regional Planning, is a certified land use planner, and sits on a variety of local and state boards. Kelley’s background includes significant experience in community redevelopment, comprehensive planning, zoning, small area plans/land use studies, community assessments, consensus building and community outreach, and the development of land use/zoning codes including form-based codes. A native of northeast Tennessee, Kelley has worked in or provided planning related services to communities in Florida, Tennessee, Kentucky, North Carolina, Georgia, and Virginia. His work has been recognized by the Florida Chapter of the American Planning Association and the Florida Planning and Zoning Association. He has been a guest speaker at local, regional, state, and national conferences where he has addressed a variety of issues related to land use and development/redevelopment.